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Authority of St. Anna am Aigen

Tel: +43 (0)3158 2212 - 0  

Fax: +43 (0)3158 2212 - 3  



Entire Styrian Vinothek (Wine store)

Tel: +43 (0)3158 2801 



The centre of the community St. Anna am Aigen lies on a Hilltop ridge in south eastern Styria and borders Slovenia. St. Anna consists of the cadastral communities Aigen, Plesch, Risola, Klapping, Sichauf, Waltra, Jamm, Frutten, Gießelsdorf and Hochstraden.  It covers around 32km and has a population of 2400. 

The description of the coat of arms: In the blue shield, a floating upright silver ibex is holding a golden patriarchal cross in its forelegs. The ibex is pointing at a field name in the community, the patriarchal cross, where there is one of the most famous sons of the community and parish, Cardinal Andreas Frühwirth.


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